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Connect your hardware sensors, actuators, and devices.



Generate dashboards to visualize and control your devices.



Gain insights into the data your devices generate.



Control your devices based on the data they generate.

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  • Provides flexibility through expanding connector libraries.

  • Hardware agnostic, works with leading micro controllers.



  • Open-source platform built  on secure infrastructure.

  • Supports small to large scale deployments.


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  • Quickly build charts, graphs and gauges,

  • Customize your own look and feel.


IoT promises to identify relevant data, then gather and act on it at scale. To fulfill that promise, the process of experimenting with different sensors and actuators must be simple, fast, reliable and reproducible.
The Gigabits IoT Platform is a real-world IoT Sand Box for enterprises looking to explore IoT use cases for their business. The platform enables enterprises to rapidly deploy, monitor, control, and generate data from internet enabled devices (micro-controllers, sensors, actuators, appliances, etc.), and quickly get insights into the data they generate through AI, machine learning, and configurable data visualization tools.
  • Deploy test environments, explore application spaces, and develop use cases for your business.
  • Test drive your initial ideas and formulate your IoT strategies before you make scale up investments.

ESP32 Modular Project

Sandbox  Enterprise Kit ESP32
The ESP32 Modular Project Kit simplifies the provisioning of your test environment by integrating high quality hardware (sensors and actuators) from NCD with Gigabits' platform and visualization tools.
  • Espressif ESP32 Micro-controller ​​​
  • Gigabits' ESP32 Connector Framework
  • NCD IoT Training Board
    • ​I2C Interface
    • Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    • Pressure Sensor
    • PWM Controller for On-Board Buzzer, RGB LED's, DC Motor Speed Control, Servo Motor Position Control
    • GPIO Controller
  • NCD Gas Sensor Module
  • NCD Light Sensor Module
  • NCD Proximity Sensor Module
  • NCD Hygrometer Module
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