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Gigabits Proof-of-Concept Sandbox

IoT Use Case Development Program

Gigabits Proof-of-Concept Sandbox

IoT Use Case Development Program

Run, Evaluate, and Iterate (4 Weeks)
Setup IoT Platform Environment (2 Weeks)
Develop POC Use Cases (1 Day)

We Learn from You
We gather insights about your business, operations, challenges, and needs.

Opportunity Discovery
We’ll discuss the possibilities of digital instrumentation, sensing and actuation modalities, and how they might be applied to gain insights for your business and operations.

Explore POC Use Cases
We help you ideate high-value use cases, based on an understanding of your needs. We’ll contemplate a POC Use Case that will be deployed on our Platform and tested on your premises.

Select Final POC Use Case
After we’ve explored how you might leverage IoT in your business, we will work with you to prioritize and ultimately select your final POC Use Case.

POC Workplan
We will tailor a plan for the efficient and effective Gigabits Platform implementation of the selected POC Use Case, leveraging your team’s expertise in concert with ours.

We will identify the appropriate sensing and actuation hardware required to enable your POC Use Case - and we will provide expertise and guidance regarding the connection and instrumentation of those devices with your systems (limited in scope).

Data Visualization
We’ll provision the appropriate dashboards and visualization tools to provide you with real-time and historical views of the data collected.

We’ll ensure your POC Use Case is      operational and accessible to you and your POC evaluators (up to five user accounts/one admin account) for one month (30 days).

Your POC deployment will provide you ample time to evaluate how the system works, how it can be expanded or improved in support of your Use Case objectives.

We’ll provide minor system adjustments and customizations that you can test within the 30-day period (limited in scope).

Program Price: $30K USD

Includes: Instrumentation HW (2 Micro Controllers, and up to 8 sensor types per), 30 Days (starts after POC Use Case Deployment) of Gigabits IoT Platform Usage (5 User Accounts/1 Admin Account), and 10 Support Hours.

Gigabits Proof-of-Concept Sandbox Tools

IoT Use Case Development Program

Microcontrollers and Senors
Enables Digital Instrumentation
Sensor Libraries
Sensing and Actuation Portfolio
System Monitoring Visualization Tools
Sandbox  Enterprise Kit ESP32

General Sensor Inputs

•0-3.3V Sensors
•0-5v Sensors
•4-20mA Input Monitoring •Contact Closure
•Pulse Frequency Input •Voltage Detection

•Voltage Monitoring

Interactive Sensors

•Activity Monitoring

•Asset Monitoring

•Impact Detection

•Linear Displacement •Structural Monitoring



•Accelerometer •Potentiometers


•RFID Readers

Environmental Sensors

•Air Quality


•Light •Temperature •Thermocouples

•Water Moisture

Spatial Sensors



•Hall Effect




Power Monitoring

•Current Monitoring

•Voltage Monitoring

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